Hello world!

Well here I am, a new blog for a new company and a new venture.  Its sort of sad putting Bad Baby to bed, I spent so much time building the Brand and creating the games, so it’s sort of like a funeral saying good by.  My little girl, who the logo was based on is a bit upset with me as well, she sort of loved being the Bad Baby mascot and all.  Still it was time to move on and take the next step.  I think William’s contacting me might have been a bit of fate or not, who, knows.  I have this theory of life that about every five years your life takes a whole new direction.  Sometimes you get to pick that direction and sometimes it picks you.  Its not always set to five years, sometimes its four, others it six or so, but at or about that time your life will turn in a new way.  Think about it a few moments and you will see what I mean.  

Years 0 to 5, you are a little baby, learning how to walk, talk, interact with the world.  Your world for the most part is your Mom and your close family.

Years 5 to 10, school.  You enter school, start to become a fully figured individual, apart from your mother and begin to form friendships.

10 to 15, young tween.  Girls, boys, your toys down below start to sit up and take notice of what’s going on around you.

16 to 20, teenager, starting to become who you are, getting your shit together somewhat.

For me the next big shift was 18 and the Air Force.  Got out of the house, started a new life overseas, grew up.  This lasted about four years.

Then it was collage, six years there, a whole new way of life and living, doing things and learning.

Next came another big shift at 28.  Marriage, job, house.  This lasted about 5 years when we adopted our little girl.  Now the shift was fatherhood, more responsibility.  The next shift was Bad Baby, game design full time, building the company.  Now the shift has taken place again. My dad has died; I feel mortal, 45 and growing old now.  Need to change and take some new steps, so I took the chance and signed up with William to start Avalon Games.

I had taken Bad Baby about as far as I could go being a one-man shop, so it was time to step up and see if I could build something larger and better, or just sit back and do the little bit I was already generating.  I hope, that with William’s help, we two can take my games to a wilder base, build a bigger fan boy following and mark off a spot on the market.  Its still growing out there in the e-publishing field, and still plenty of space to make a name for ourselves, so lets hope the next five years see Avalon grow and become a dominate force in the market.

So while this is not my first blog, it will become my only blog, I’m dumping RPGlife’s bog as it gets hit way too much by hackers.  So here I am to stay it seems, a nice new blog and all.

What will I write about here, well I hope to hit the high lights of my game design, offer some insight into the process, my work ethic and ideas.  I might also offer some stuff on my gaming group, games that are coming out and table top stuff I’m involved with.  Would like to offer some critical thoughts on TV, music and movies as well, but we will see.  How often, well at least once a week, and I would love to hit the blog once a day, but we will see how that goes.  I’m good for starting strong and ending weak.  Ask my wife…..


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