Weekend and lots to do….

Well the week’s over and the weekend is here, so of course I have a full plate of things to do. Work on some lizard men for fantasy Warhammer, got a tournament coming up next week and I need to get figures done and painted.

Course I have an RPG game Saturday night with the crew, don’t think Don and Christie will be there, but even with them gone I’m sure Robyn will run a fun game.

Then comes Sunday. I hope to get started updating files for Avalon, but so far every time I try I hit some sort of wall. I hope to get some of the work done though, and to also get some more maps done for Arcana.

Anyways, good week of work, got more Arcana stuff done, on the 11th Journal now and should have all of next year’s stuff done in a few weeks. That will leave more time to finish up the twelve issues of Game Geek and get them all laid out and ready. Then on to more Mini-Games, have to do up nine for next year to keep the one a month schedule going.

So it’s going to be a full year still of getting stuff ready for next year. Thank goodness Battle Axe is done so I have time to do all of this.

On other fronts, Avalon is going good now that I have stuff to do; I hate just sitting around waiting, which is more or less what I had to do until we where ready to go. Now I can run with things for a while and get down to some real work.

Work, ya the job, is going good, the Kiva club is flowing now, generating funds for donations, so that’s cool. I also have been making some pots for sale for the club. Been a long time since I felt like making any pots, so it was nice to have that feeling flowing through my veins again. After grad school, I just had no desire to make pots. Been close to 7 years now that I have been avoiding it. Now I feel good about it again, so maybe this year I will make a bunch of them. Its funny, I go to grad school to become a better artist and they burned it out of me completely. I had no love or desire for it. Took seven year to grow the need in me again.

Well screw um’, I’m back to being myself now and making pots and art for me, by me and only to please me. How it should have been anyways.


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