More map work

Did some work on the southern maps for Arcane, mostly grunt work, but its slowly getting done. Once I have this series of maps finished I can get to the western section of the game world and then the east. As per the norm, a small project turned into a massive undertaking, but it will be nice to have these map to use in the various products. The Region books and each of the Realm books will use these new maps, so in the long run its worth the effort.

I’ve tried several different softwares to do this mapping, but most for the Mac suck, so I have had to resort to the old tried and true method of clip and past. I build various icons and then clip and past them in where I want them, building the maps up from there. Takes a bit of time, but I get what I want and it looks fine in the end. I guess its true, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but the old tricks work just fine, so screw um’ anyways.

I have yet to get to updating any of my game files for Avalon, I keep trying but one thing or another gets in the way. I will though get several done this week. Its going to be a big task, but once again, when its done I’m done with it for some time. I wrote up a blurb for the company this weekend, and sent a copy to William to add anything he wants to it. He’s done with health issues this week, so he may or may not get to it any time soon. When he does get back to me I will add it to the web site and forward it to Fox at E23 and Sean at One book.

Other company news, not much, just doing my things and trying to get everything back to normal.


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