Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity, no, it’s not the song from Wicked, but a recently canceled T.V show about a group of astronauts on a six year tour of the solar system. Now I knew this show was doomed the first time I first watched it, but even so I found myself being hooked into it. The characters were in depth and interesting, the dynamics between them complex but easy to follow and the story line had enough going for it to keep me coming back each week, even though it came on way past my bed time and made me a zombie the next day.

Shame to see it go, especially just when they were going to open up on the mystery of Beta. Well, so goes watching T.V. Sometimes crap sticks when your throw it against the wall, and sometime it doesn’t

You can catch all the aired shows on ABC’s web site and Channel 131. There’s some talk that the rest of the shows will be uploaded so we all can see what they had in the can before it died.


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