Been working on the Dwarf Caer of Black Mountain all week, and I have found that this little project has really firmed up a lot of ideas I had on this race and their life style as it falls under Arcana. I have always seen them as a clan based social group, but working on this dwarf realm, each clan having set cave like halls where they all live and then sub family halls and clans branching off from there sort of works real well. I might take all of this and work up a dwarf book for the game world, but of course then I would have to do one up for each of the races. Humm, might have to rethink this whole idea, I see a whole lot more work coming my way. Sometimes I think it might have been better if i just watched football and drank beer all day instead of working on all this game stuff.

Still the dwarf book is a good idea, Opps, there I go, another project has wormed itself into my brain. I’ll never get rid of it now…


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