Price Changes

Well some of the changes for Avalon will be changes in the prices of some of our games and the way we present them. Most of the Mini-Games run in series of three, each set offering the same set of rules, but different faction or characters. All of these sell for the same price of $6.99

I had set things up this way so you can always buy any of the sets and get started, you didn’t have to buy the first to play, but could jump in at any point.

When we change over the game files for uploading, we will change this option so that you have to buy the first set in the series, which will hold all the rules and needed game materials. This first set in the series will sell for the normal price of $4.99. Each extra set will then just contain the additional materials needed to play the extra factions offered in that set. These smaller sets then will sell for only $2.49. This will offer you, the customer, a lower price overall and make, we hope, a bigger demand for the games as a whole.

Don’t get to excited yet though, this won’t take place until I have all the games re-uploaded, which won’t be for a month or more yet. There are a lot of games to re-work.

As to other game news, I am still plugging away on Arcana materials, even while I am converting files from old company info to new. I should have the core game, and 16 journals all ready for next year, as well as some other stuff. Game Geek is all done except putting the issues together and getting the layout done. I have the cover art and articles all ready, so in January we will have lots of new stiff.

Going to be a big year for Avalon I think….


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