This week

Sorry I have been out of the loop the last few days, active life this week. The kid started band and wants to play the Flute (I had to talk her out of the Drums thank god), so we had to go get an instrument, go to a meeting, etc. Kiva club at work has been active this week as well, and its been hot as hell here in Southern Ca, so that’s been draining too.

So after I have complained, here is the scope this week. Flash Forward will be on tonight, so I will let you know what I think of it tomorrow. So far it looks like it might be good, but you never know.

Dexter, by far my favorite show, will be starting this weekend as well, so very cool. John Lithgow will be in it this time around and Keith Caradine will return, so very nice over all. Can’t wait.

Watched Castle this week on ITunes. The wife love Nathan Fillian, so we watch it together so she can droll all over the screen and not feel like she is cheating on me by having me right next to her….

Overall the show is sort of lame, but I too like Nathan, so I sit through it. Big Bang Theory’s 2nd season is out on DVD, so I’m sure ITunes will have it soon. I like the show, but can’t watch it at its time slot, so I watch it on the putter. Seems I do this a lot anymore, watch shows on the computer. Breaking Bad, The Seeker, and some other shows I catch almost exclusively that way.

By the way, rumor is that Defying Gravity may not be axed after all. Don’t hold your breath, but it would be nice to see it keep going a bit longer. If you want you can catch the other episodes on channel 131 on the net.


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