Avalon Update 9/25

Well I have spent most of the week working on converting old Bad Baby files into Avalon Files. This generally means I had to drop, or cover up, the old Bad Baby logo on the product’s cover, as well as replace the contact information and other gaming references to Bad Baby.

While it was not hard work, it’s a drag anyways as there are so damn many files to be re-worked. I still have a good 100 to 150 to re-work, but its getting done. I have also start to redo the category settings on One Book. Right now few of the categories hold any of the games. I hope to have these updated by this weekend.

Other then that, did some work on Arcana mostly reformatting older material I had.

I also read some old stories I had written for an Ebony game, a PBM using the Amber series as a basic framework. I always like my character Acheron, and after reading the stuff, might post some of it here. Have to find the time to edit them and write in some explanations of what was going on. We will see.


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