Damn Cat

So our cat left one day and we did not see him again. Now this happens a lot our at house, we live near some hills and the coyotes just love plump cats for breakfast. Over the years I’m sure we have supplied the coyote population with some fine meals, cats of all sorts and flavors. So I wasn’t too surprise when this cat did not show up after a few days. Figured the local wild life was having brunch on me once more. Low and behold today, I open the door and here’s the cat, all happy, fat and ready to return home. Have no clue where he was, he’s fatter then he was when he left two weeks age, and not a hair off his head, so go figure.

Told the wife I think aliens took him, did some rectal probs and then sent him on home with some odd alien listening device implanted in his head. I’ve notice him looking at me in strange ways, cocking his head to the right as if he was listening to my conversation…..

Might be a game idea in there somewhere… “Honny, the cat’s looking at me that way again…”


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