End of the Week, I’m Ready for a beer, or two, or more…

I just couldn’t stand not getting any new work done on Arcane, so most of the day I spent working on a new journal, #13. I still got some conversion work done on the files, but I just felt like a nub not getting anything new done, so I bit the bullet and worked up some stuff. Felt good to be creative after so many weeks of just clip and pasting into old files and products.

Been thinking that I might offer Pathfinder versions of Arcane, either as a separate product or as a free add-on to the stuff I already have. I will have to go and buy the books I guess if I’m going to do that. Don’t have to put them out right away though, I think we can offer the basic generic system product first and then come up with the Pathfinder version a few weeks or months afterwards.

Going to go see Zombieland tomorrow, should be fun, I’ll let you all know what I though about it then. Star Gate Universe starts tonight. Has Lou Diamond Philips in it, who I have always like for some reason, so it should be cool.


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