Another week of fun work ahead

Most of the drawing I do is for games, character pics, maps, whatnot. While this is fine and one of the reasons I like doing what I do, I get to combine all sorts of skills to achieve a final product, it still can be a bit dull at times. So this year I have been using some of the down time at the end of the day to do some other sorts of drawing. Nothing that is usable in a game, but stuff that’s both a challenge and fun to do. I even went out this weekend and bought some high end paper and pens to do more. In the end while its not game related, its still allowing my creative juices flow.

I will try to post some of the final works when I get them done.

On to this week’s goals, I should have all the conversions of files done and most, if not all, of the new thumbnails pics converted. Sort of an odd week at work, so I won’t have as much time as I normally do to work on stuff, but I will get most of the list done. I also have to throw a bunch of coffee mugs this week, which will kill the last two days of this week, so I only really have the next two days to get anything done.

As we won’t be offering anything new this month, I thought we might offer a ½ price sale, or possibly even a free giveaway of Arcanum. Will talk to William this week and see what he thinks.


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