Arcana Sneak peek #2

Tifnarra is the name of the main game world and it is on its grass covered hills and deep forests that the game will take place. Most of the game will take place on Tifnarra, but that does not mean that it is the only location in the game universe that can be visited. The spirit worlds call to many, and there are many planes and hidden dimensions opening to those that know how to open the doors to other worlds.

Terival, the largest landmass on Tifnarra, is an ancient place, filled with ruins, magic and creatures both beautiful and dangerous.  Kingdoms dot the land and elves battle with goblins in age-old wars. Dragons wing overhead and barbarians roam the great grass plains.  All is possible on Terival, but be warned, it is no place for the weak.

A temperate place, the world of Tifnarra is smaller then our own Earth, and for the most part water covered. Only a few large landmasses dot the surface of the planet, with the two poles ice covered. Most of the world’s history takes place on the largest landmass, Terival. Other continents do though exist, the cold Morddia to the north of Terival and the sun drenched isles of the Sun being close by, while the steamy jungles of Chun lie across a vast sea.

Swimming the skies above the world lie the Sun, called Morthia, and his two sisters, the moons Tillva and Nidia, often called the dark and light sisters as their coloration is of one dark while the other holds a light, almost pinkish hue. These two small moons circle the world every night, rising first with dark Tillva and then little pink Nidia about a hour later. Months on Terival are similar to those of our own Earth, as are the length of the day.


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