T.V Reviews…

Watched Doll House this Friday, and while it was a good show, it was very dark and a bit brutal. Nothing like the other shows in the series. I’m not sure if this is a single blip in the series, or a turn towards the dark side, but it was out of character for the series as a whole. Course now it won’t be back until December, which is not a good sign for the show’s continued future.

Watched the last of Defying Gravity on the web. After the show was axed by ABC, you still could catch the rest of the shows on Channel 131. (CH131.com). The episodes really picked up right after ABC dropped the series, which was a shame. All the rest of the shows were well written and got deep into the mystery of the objects and turned out real nice. The last show had a lot of excitement, some drama and was a great end to the 13 episodes that we got it to see. Shame that a good Sci-Fi drama like this could not find its audience. They were out there, but Network TV just can’t seem to find them for these sort of show. I think had this been an HBO or Showtime series, it would have been better over all and would have stayed around longer.

Dexter is on tonight, so that will be great. I have been downloading Star Gate Universe off of ITunes, so I will watch that later on today. So far it has been different enough from the other Star Gate shows to keep me around. Again, don’t know how long they can do the whole survival show every week, so it’s going to have to change at some point to keep things going.


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