Sneak Peek #4

The Magus is the ruler of the world. So it was deemed in the early ages and so it has always been. The Magus can be evil or good, but regardless, they have the duty to guard the world and its magic. Thus the Magus is more then a king, more then a man or woman, but the magical guardian of existence itself.
The Magus starts as one of the Magi, and it is from these ranks that each new Magus raises. The current Magus at some point chooses an heir from the ten Magi and teaches them the secret rites of the Magus, thus the power is handed down from the old to the new. This has not though, always been the case, and at times the title has been stolen and taken. These then are often troubled times and the new Magus must search for the secrets of power to be its true lord.

The Magus is lord of all not only because of personal power, but because the Magus has power over the Magi, and thus the world. Each of the Magi is trained by a Magus, made a Magi by a Magus and command by a Magus. The rites of power that turns a normal mage into a Magi also confers power over them to the Magus. Thus the world’s greatest mages are but slaves at times to the true ruler, the Magus.

It is said that the Magus has a secret school of magic that only they can cast. Said to hold great power, the way of the Magus is the way of power absolute.
The word of the Magus is law all about the lands, and so the Magus is in a way the king or queen of the world. Many have taken an active hand in the running of the world, dictating to kings and ruling all. Others have locked themselves away in their tower and never heard from again. Each Magus is different and when a new one rises the world sits and waits to see what will happen.

The Magi are the masters of the world. Powerful mages, they are more then human. Each is taken at some point in their life, before they become a Magi, and there the Magus cast great magic. Called the Rite of Becoming, the magic changes the mage, makes them magical in strange and terrible ways. Once completed the new Magi stands before the Magus, ready to take command of the world and all those in it. The Magi are thus more then human, more then a normal mage, for they command great power, both magical and mundane. Nations bow to them and kings fear their arrival.

Often the Magi are given large areas of the world to govern in the name of the Magus, and they are charged with its rule. Other Magus have left the Magi to their own devices and given them not but the power to do as they wish. Often it is something in between these two that takes place.

There can never be more then ten Magi, and when one is slain a new one take their place, either by training from the Magus, or by a more an natural means. Just how a new Magi is “Born” is unknown to all save possibly the Magus, but there have and always will be ten mages that can wield the power and the magical might of the Magi.

More then human, the Magi are tied to the magic of the world, in some way they embody its primary essence and some say, it is through these mages that the flow of magic begins. Whatever the case, each Magi is a master of a single school of magic, its true champions if you will, and its focus point in the world.


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