Sneak Peek #5

Magic flows about us, within us and is a part of all things, mundane and magical. The magic is often seen as a flow, a river or stream of power that slides about the world. Channels of this energy flow, moving about the world, bathing everything in the magical power that all things generate.

These flows are often of different types of magic. White or pure flows are of good magic; it draws it power for life, peace and quite. The white flow is often seen as blue or silver and slides about all living things, clinging to those full of life and passing by those filled with hate.

The black flow or dark light is of evil nature. Death, corruption and hate are its hallmarks. It is often seen as black or red, and it slithers about, touching things of rot and decay. Often these two flows merge and become gray, both and neither. Called the shadow flow, it is seen as a grey fog, seeping about as it moves over all.

Those who work magic can sense the presence of these flows; they have been trained to gather its forces and to work it, to force their will upon it.

When one that works magic begins to cast a spell they do several things. Magic is depended upon the will of the caster, for the flow must be mastered and forced to do as the mage wishes. The more powerful the flow, the powerful the effect, thus the more the caster must force his or her will upon the flow.

First the mage opens themselves up to the flow allowing it to move within them. Taking this wild, un-mastered magic is dangerous and for those not trained to control its power, it will rip a mortal body apart, for if not instantly mastered and forced to follow the will of the mage, it will devours the mage instead.

Once the flow is taken it is contained and shaped by the mage’s mind and body. This is a strain on the body and so only a set amount of magic can ever be done in a day before the body can take no more. As the mage gains in power and skill, the flow can be gathered more and more, and with more magic mastered in a day’s time.

Taken and shaped, the magic is ready to cast forth. Hand gestures, chants and object are used to direct the magic, to give it form and purpose. The magic leaves the mage and takes the effect that the caster wishes. Here again is danger, for the mage must be sure of the effect they want and they must know the proper ways of directing it. Failure to master this final act and the magic may take on another direction; it may do something the caster did not intend to happen.

Magic does not last long and without the will of the mage it will dissipate and the natural flow returns. Thus magic is but a transitory altering of reality, the mage in a way bends the forces of the world to their will, but it cannot last.

Magic thus is in a way the direct shaping of the mage’s will upon the world about them. Mages are known for their shape wit and clear thought, for the practice of their art forces them to have a strong will and a strong mind. This continues in proportion as the mage grows in power. The Magi are said to have minds like a steal box, sharp like a swords edge and hard as stone. The Magus is said to hold a mind like none other, able to force the very fabric of reality to his or her will.

Magic changes those that work it as well. Those that use the black flow after a time become like it. The taking in of all that death and decay cannot but alter the ones who work it. The same goes for the white and grey flows. It thus is not uncommon that the necromancer is a vile person, for they work with vile things. Did they start out is way, maybe not, although some will says that to work at all with such forces takes an evil mind set to begin with, and so it is no error that they are evil.

Whatever the case may be, the mage takes on the personality of their magic over time. The wizard is always moving about, the seer looking and searching, the warlock always causing pain and fear.


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