Sneak Peek #6

There is in the world of Tifnarra, little to no religion, as we know it, but rather a general understanding among folks that there is a life after death. Religion in the lands falls into three sorts of thought, and while each is different, they are all still held by most people as true.

Ancestor Worship
Many think that the dead watch over them and guide their lives. These faithful dead are often the ancestors of those that live upon the world now, for the spirits wish to see their names remembered and honored. Many home offer special places for the honoring of the dead, where candles and incense are burned and items of personal nature that the honored ancestor held dear are kept.

Often men in battle and sailors in storms will offer up silent prays or call to their ancestors to watch over them, “Grandfather, see me through this”, or “Father watch my back.” are common.

The Spirit World
All know that the spirit is immortal and everliving. When the spirit leaves its mortal form behind it travels to the spirit world, there to remerge with the life force of the universe. Some souls are tainted with the evil of their lives and fall to the hells, a part of the spirit world where pain and suffering are felt, and where demons torture the souls of the damned.
Many see the spirit world as a haven for the soul, a place to rest and learn from their lives. Here the spirit is reborn and enters the world again in a new life, to once more experience and to live.

Nature Worship
Many see the natural world as all one thing, men and beast, plant and sky as all one living entity, the Giea spirit. They wish to live in harmony with these forces, for it is thought that one who understand the world about them can live in it with better control. Often this is taken to extremes and some have become little more then hermits, secluding themselves away from the taint of men’s live, so they may contemplate the wonders of the natural world. Druids are often seen by many to be leaders and councilors in this belief system.

(One possible use of clerical magic is to allow only the Goblinoid its use, as they are the only race to have a “God” and thus able to draw from that Mog’s essence. This will make dealing with Goblins, and their allies, even more of a challenge. Of course the other races might still have access to druid magic, and other types of faith based power. The possibilities are endless and will depend a lot on the game system you are using.)


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