Reviews of Shows and Books

Just watched the whole nine episodes of Glee this weekend. Very funny show, and fun to watch. Not a big musical fan, but in small doses it’s cool. I would recommend the show to those looking for a more adult, funny High School Musical experience.

Just heard that Doll House has been given the axe. No surprise there, the show is not as good as it was last year, trying to hard to be a harder, darker show and its failed, only to become creepy and sad. They say the rest of the shows made will be shown next year, but don’t hold your breath.

If you liked Defying Gravity, you can see all the shows that were made on Channel 131 ( You can also read some stuff by the show’s creator and hints to what was going to happen in the future had it continued. Shame they could not get it on to SyFy, it would have done well there and built an audience.

Humm, watched V once, waste of time you ask me.

Dexter is still going strong, some of the best writing on T.V if you ask me. The Prisoner will be on tonight on A&E, so I will check that out a well.

Just picked up Stephen King’s new book, Under the Dome. So far its your basic King book, now I love King, have read most of his stuff, but he has been writing the same characters, in the same book way too many times. I hope the book takes off in a different direction then I see it going.


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