New Year Preview

So here we go, new year, new games.

‘First up this month we have the next installment of Land Ships. Ya I know you have been waiting a long time for this next set for this great game, well wait no more, its here, tunneling and flying steam powered war machines have hit the battlefield.

Next up we have our first issue of Game Geek. Packed full of all kinds of gaming goodness, you cant play Avalon Games and not get your hands on this great new E-Zine.

Next up we have Arcana, at least, it’s here. Yep Avalon’s brand new RPG gaming world is all ready for you to explore. Jump into this great campaign setting and fall in love with the magic, people and places of wonder. Its got a real old school feel to the place and perfect for that new game you wanted to start.

Adding to the Arcana craze, we have the first Arana Journal for you. Take Arcana and then start adding to the depth and wonder and you have the Journals. A must for those that love this gaming environment.

Onwards we say, more clip art this month, with the release of Black and White Filler Art. A great collection of B&W line and greet scale art for your publishing and gaming needs.

More you say, OK, how about orcs. Yep Battle Axe has Orcs for you, nasty mean orcs that will paint the ground red with the blood of their foes. We are adding the Orc Slayer, Warlord, Shaman and Brute to the Battle Axe line, so be afraid.

More Orcs you say, well how about our new counter sets. Full color square and round counters usable for publishing or any sort of gaming need. This first set is out this month and is all about Orcs.

As always, have a seat at the Round Table and join Avalon Games, it the place where Fun happens.

All games available at

Or visit our Web site at


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