Best Laid Plans

Well I had wanted to finish up some Arcana Realms products this week and start on the rest of the Mini-Games I have to do up for the years. Well those plans all fall away as my freelance writer dropped three great Avalon Pathfinder products on me. So being the mad fool that I am, I jumped in, did all the lay out, art and maps for these three products, and then said, what the hall, why not work on it all week. So I did. Completed all his stuff (Which will be out this month) and also got several of my own done, for a total of eight products. I had not planned on putting out this line of products until this summer or even next year, but it all sort of fell into place so I guess it will hit right now.

Was sort of nice working on the Pathfinder stuff, getting a handle on the character creation system now, which is an improvement on 3.0 All in all I think it’s a great system.

The more I work on it the more I want to do a Pathfinder version of Arcana. Maybe this summer I will start work on that.

Ok, off next week to Mini-Games. I will try to get the Arcana stuff done on the weekends for now, as I have to get those Mini-Games done. Have new Steel and Glory set in the works with mounted characters, and then some more Heroes Inc stuff. I also plan to do up a new version of Graveyard Dash as a celebration of the 100th Mini-Game (Damn that’s a lot of games) which I think will be a free game. Then it’s a Battle Armor expansion with a more strategic bent, hex and counter war game sort of like Mage Wars.


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