Working at a steady pace

Worked on Mini-Games this week, getting the next set done for Steel and Glory which brings mounted characters to the game, and then got all the artwork and some of the written text done for the next set for Heroes Inc. A few fun characters in that set.

Did some artwork for Pathfinder stuff to be included in Game Geek and also talked the guy over at Paper Make It into including a few tiles in each issue of Game Geek using his map generating system. Overall it was a productive week.

I will finish up Heroes Inc this coming week and get started on the other three Mini-Games I need to get done, a Graveyard dash spin off and three games that will take a strategic look at the Battle Armor system.

Been a while since I worked on board games so it was a bit strange, but I dropped into the groove real fast.

On other fronts, might have picked up a new writer for Avalon Pathfinder, we will see, I would like to have three or four working on this line so we can get it out there. Also hit up a new site for offering our games and I might hit Pazio this week as well. I also made an offer to a guy that makes a bunch of free Mini-Games, would like to offer one of his games each month in Game Geek and then possibly offer his games for sale, either buying them outright or imprinting them somehow. More product never hurts.


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