Beastmen Review

Got a sneak peek at the new Beastmen stuff coming out for Warhammer this week. Ugg what a waste. Beastmen have always been cool, a great fun army to play and a lots of room for conversions and for creating an interesting, fun army. Well that’s all gone. The rules ditch a lot of the old standards like the Dragon Ogres and Shaggoth. No Chaos Ogres, no chaos marks, and almost no skirmishing save for a few archers. Yep it’s a block built army now and not even worth doing that with. They kept the ambush rules, added a few other little abilities, but generally they dumb down the army. A few odd monsters (All Rare) fill it out.

The figures are a mix of the old Beastmen and new stuff. While I don’t have a problem with the Gors and Unggors, the Minotaurs look like shit. Big muscle bound Mexican wrestlers on steroids is what they look like. The hooves look like giant ingrown toenails and the poses are stiff and unflattering. For some time GW has been making great plastic stuff, the best out there for sure, but they really dropped the ball with the minataurs this time around. Real shame, Beastmen used to be a great army and well liked by many players, but it won’t do well I think this time around, not against the over powered vampire counts and daemons.


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