Spartacus, Z-Day and More

Watched Star channel’s new show Spartacus, and was surprised. Wow, what a rip off of 300. Same sort of camera and background effects, same acid washed colors, same sort of choreographed violence for bloody violence’s sack. Don’t get me wrong, I loved 300, thought it was a testosterone blood feast worth watching over an over again. Star’s effort is fine as well, the story is a bit short as it takes a back seat to the madness of the action and effects, but it might be worth watching. I was surprised though as it was not advertised as this sort of show, but more like HBO’s Rome, an accurate telling of the time and history. Nope, not here, nothing accurate about this show (Although they try to say it is at the beginning on the show) its all about blood, gore and brawn.

As to gaming work, got Heroes Inc set 8 done last week, and started on the maps and graphics for the next Graveyard Dash game (Called Graveyard Dash Z-Day) and some of the map work done for Future War. Should have both of these wrapped up by next week or so. Been thinking that I might go ahead and start work on 2011’s Mini-Games now so I’m sort of ahead of the curve and then this summer finish up Arcana for this year and into next. I have a lot of ideas for games for next year, Road Rage, a few stand alone S&G sets, maybe a linked scenario for Net Warrior, a new S&G series called Magus. (Modern day mages battle it out)


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