Avalon is stepping up

So we put up an ad on RPGnet this week looking for a few freelance writers and I ended up with about ten. These will work on Avalon Pathfinder stuff, Game Geek and one is going to re-work the whole Worlds of Wonder RPG line. Lots going on it seems.

Course I had to get lots of work done as well this week. Finished up the 100th Mini-Game, going all the way back to the first with a fresh version of Graveyard Dash. I think we will just give this one away for free.

Also got the rules, counters and maps done for Future Wars. Taking the Battle Armor universe and giving it a large scale warfare feel. Came out real nice but I still have a little bit more to do on it so I will finish it all up next week.

After that I will complete the Arcana stuff for the year and then get ready for 2011 stuff. Have all sorts of ideas for those games.

We got a few reviews of Avalon Encounter Vol I today as well. Lots of complaints about all the ads. Ya there are like seven pages of ads at the end of the three page product, but to be honest it’s just our standard ad spread that we put in all our products. Might be a bit much though, so I think I will cut down on them for the smaller products we are putting out.

Which brings me to staff reviews at RPGNow, God what a waste they seem to be. These dorks get a free product and they still offer up lame reviews. I’d much prefer a customer that bought the product review it over some geek that got it for free and still slams it as not being worth the price??????


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