Dark Dungeon

We hired a writer to work on the Dark Dungeon line, sort of clean up the writing and streamline the system. Here was one idea on how to go about it…

So I was thinking about Dark Dungeon a little bit here and thought that we could streamline the system a lot by dumping all the cards and counters. Instead of a card for each character and monster, why not just use the character book, add the monster’s description to it and then generate an adventure sheet, which can be printed up as needed. On this sheet we could then offer space for the party and their stats, gear and conditions, a place to record the monsters and their condition, time in the dungeon, treasure gained, supplied uses, etc. We could then generate a place to draw out the dungeon layout so the player would not need to place tiles at all, but instead when they need to as the encounter dictates. I could then use a lot of that space to generate specific tiles for set encounters and the like.


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