What’s What this Week

Well it was a good week over all, still getting over my cold, so all week I have been trying of cough up a lung. Still I got some stuff done, mostly did up the layout work on three Arcana Realms products, Borden, Glasborg and Ithengar. I will try to get the dwarfs done next week and then write up the southlands source book.

Also got some new clip art sets done, drows, two full sets, and some artwork for a few others. Time to think about what sets will be going out next year and getting the artwork ready.

Humm, also hit on a great idea for Game Geek this week. I thought it might be cool to do an artist spotlight, sort of show off some art and the artist, give them some free space on game geek in return we get to add some cool art. Got two for sure and o=another one on the hook. Ended up getting some great art for free this way. I think it will be an every other month sort of thing for now.

Also finally wrote up a business plan and five-year goal, we will see what William thinks of it and then put it all into action.

Well that’s about it for now.


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