March Preview

March is here and its raining games at Avalon, yep, we have a ton of new stuff for you this month, so put on your rubber boots and go wading into the wet fun of Avalon Games.

First up we have a new S&G Mini-Game, Men of Bronze. Pulp action at its best; take part in the battles between the brave men and woman of Sky Patrol and their archenemies, the terrible, well you got it, the Masters of Terror. Some highflying action here, so get ready for some fun.

Course then we have the next issue of Game Geek, and what an issue. Game Geek just gets better and better, and the third issue is the best yet. (Ya I know that’s a lot of bests in there) Don’t believe me, well have a look; it’s only a dollar per issue, so you can’t go wrong. Coral Thrown, the Sonja Saga, the art of Joe Slucher, S&G, Battle Axe, Arcana stuff, and all kinds of free goodies, you can’t miss this issue.

More Battle Axe this month as well, with the release of the Realm’s Squire and Paladin. Want more, how about the Giant and Minotaur as well. Yep big mean monsters are stomping about the battlefield and you will want to stay out from under their big feet.

On to Arcana and this month we have not only the next Journal, Issue #4, but also the release of the Northlands Source book. Take the Northlands and make them the focus of your game, you won’t be disappointed.

Course we have more issues of our poplar Avalon Pathfinder series. Avalon Adventures spotlights a clan of kobolds this month, and Avalon Encounters offers a nasty trapped chest. Then we have Avalon Character and a mage, her lost cat and a lot of trouble for the PC’s. All three will help make you game night a great time, so don’t wait around, get them all.

Some new art this month with the release of the next Clip Art set, Fantasy Icons. All sorts of icons and images for use in your game or products.

Then we have the newest counter se, goblins. Little green guy to kill and use as cannon folder.


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