Business Plan

Business Plan
Avalon Game

Vision Statement
Avalon Games seeks to bring fun games at a great price through an e-publishing model of marketing and production. Great Games at a Great Price is our Motto, and we mean to achieve this by generating a large catalog of games and entertainment materials over the coming years.

Avalon Games, through smart marketing and hard work, will become a leader in the e-publishing field, specializing in Print-to-Play board games, RPG materials and other forms of e-published entertainment.

Core Personal
Avalon Games, a partnership between William Andersen (Comstar) and Robert Hemminger, seeks to make exciting and profitable e-published games and entertainment materials. Between the two of them William and Robert have over 10 years of e-publishing experience, both in marketing, game design and production, as well as management of assets and funds. Both bring a strong vision of where they want the company achieve, and how to acquire this growth and market share.

Creativity and a strong business since allows the two of them to share decision making and workload, allowing each to shine at what they do best.

In addition, Avalon Games seeks out talented and hard working freelance writers and other creative people to expand on, and or, to generate new and exciting games and entertainment material for sell on the Internet.

With an eye towards the future, Avalon Games seeks to increase its share of the e-publishing market, and to make Avalon Games a well-known brand in that market.

Avalon Games started as a joint venture between its two owners, William Andersen and Robert Hemminger, which brought together Robert’s large catalog of games with William’s business sense and cash outlay. Together they plan to expand upon the games and materials they already offer and to generate more products for sale on the Internet.

Economic Assessment
The e-publishing market is still young, and growing, and able to survive the reoccurring market “bubbles” of the past gaming market trend. As this small, but ever growing market allows a diverse offering of entertainment materials, Avalon Games is set to make a play for its share of this market, and to grow that share over the next year. As the e-publishing markets is still young, now is an opportune time to stake out a place in that market and to build a brand, one where consumers can turn to for exciting and affordable gaming and entertainment materials.

Cash Outflow

Avalon Games started with a $2,000 outlay by William to generate advertising by way of banner impression purchases. The owners then deicide to take all profits generated in 2010 and pool this cash outflow for continued growth and opportunity management. With a strong year in sales Avalon should have well over $3,000 or more to continue to invest in itself and by which of capitalize upon opportunity’s that may present themselves during the course of the year.

By investing into the company, the two owners wish to achieve a strong base by which Avalon may have the opportunity to grow.

Avalon makes for the most part small Print-to-Play board games and RPG materials, although it also offers clip art and seeks to offer other print and e-publications. The main goal of Avalon is to offer its customers a good game at a good price. To this end Avalon will specialize, but not solely, in small e-published games and gaming materials.

SFCF (Small, Fast, Cheap and Fun) is the goal of most, if not all of Avalon’s games.

Small games allows Avalon to produce may games over a period of a year and thus quickly grow its catalog. Experience has shown that the larger the catalog of games the company can offer its customer base the more sales that can be generated in the course of a year. Small games allows Avalon to spend less time on any one game or game line, and thus should said game fail to generate sufficient sales, it can be discarded without a major lose in time or capital outlay.

Fast production of games allows Avalon to over come market trends and to able to pivot into new areas of entertainment as needed.

Cheap games allows Avalon to hit the impulse buyer and once Avalon has gained said customer, is better able to retain them for additional purchases. Cheap also means that Avalon must keep a small overhead in production costs of its games. As most of the games are produced in house, this allows Avalon to keep outgoing cash in the purchase of material and labor at a minimum. As most of Avalon’s freelance writers are given a commission of the sales of their product instead of an upfront payout, Avalon is able to keep the overall cost of its products very low, and thus within the $5.00 optimum brake point that PDF products sell best.

Fun is the main goal of Avalon’s products and thus they should always seek to be fun in tone and delivery. Avalon should always strive to offer fun games, and to be a fun company, keeping a light tone with its customers, who can then see Avalon as a partner in their entertainment.

Attitude and Customer Relations

A strong customer relation is a must for a small company with consumer loyalty and word of mouth key to generating growth. Avalon Must always side with the customer first, even if that means a loss for Avalon’s bottom line. Free games and offerings will allow Avalon to create new customers and to keep existing customers happy. Offering free games to customers who contact Avalon with problems, and or who point out errors that Avalon has made will also create a community for Avalon, allowing customers to feel that they are a part of that community and the company’s growth.

The same then applies to freelance writers who work or Avalon. If the company can generate a sense of communal effort with these writer, they will then both be inspired to continue to work with Avalon, and to promote the company. As most writers are gamers themselves and have connections within that gaming community, making the customer and the writers a full partner in the company’s continued success and growth is a key means to achieving that growth and success.

Part of the Community
As a game and entertainment business, Avalon is a part of a special community based upon gamers that spans the globe. Gamers tend to be intelligent, creative and caring individuals. Since many games glorify the ‘heroes’, many like the thought of ‘doing good’ and ‘what is right’. It is a community that is not tied to geography as much as to common interests. Avalon would like to see about having some of our company’s success go toward being a valuable member of this community. Similar to how OBS set up a way for gamers to donate to the relief efforts for Haiti, I think it would be worthwhile for us to seek opportunities to have some of our efforts go to help others (whether it be participating in charity drives, occasional times when we agree to donate a portion of profits for a set period for a worthy cause, etc). Avalon believes that customers and other stakeholders like the feeling of doing business with a company that is part of the community, and ‘makes the world a better place’—in essence, giving our people a chance to ‘be the hero’.


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