Big Love, Lost and Braking Bad

Watched the final show for Big Love, I have to say I like the show, lots of twists and turns, and the final show sort of ties up some lose ends and started thing rolling for the next season. Did not much like Bill’s turn of character though, finding him to be a big ass this season, throw a lot of people under the bus for his own needs. Still the sow is fun and I will continue to watch it.

Pacific stats this weekend as week, looking forward to that and a few other show by HBO this year. Braking Bad is returning as well, one of my really favorite show.

Lost has been cool, one of the few shows I will stay up for. The whole Lock / smoke monster thing is fun and the show is defiantly rolling in with a big finish. I sort of like the side ways storylines as well, fun to watch them interact without he island in the way.


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