Work and updates

Well looks like we are going to set up a Clip Art site for Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror art. Been looking around the web a lot at clip art sites and none really have any of these genres represented. So why not set one up. Avalon has a ton of art and once it gets going we can have other publishers add their art as ell. Might do well or flop, you never know.

In other new, been slowly getting our games up on Pazio. It’s a slow go, but I’m getting about 20 to 30 up a day.

Been talking about getting more of Ramsey’s work transferred from Comstar to Avalon. He does good work and it seems to sell well under Avalon. He has two products already under us, the two Fantasy Ship books, and of course the Avalon Pathfinder stuff. We are also looking to move over Sci-Fi beauties and Sci-Fi Starships, although I will need to work up some deck plans for that one. He also has some stuff that has yet to see print, which we might look at.

The other freelance writers are all doing well, turning in some good stuff, so I’m happy there.

Ok, enough rambling from me.


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