April Preview

Avalon Games has all sorts of stuff coming out in the month of April, so get ready; it’s going to be a wild ride.

First up the April issue of Game Geek is here. More fiction, more RPG based materials and more great gaming fun. This is the best issue yet and we are getting better every month, so pick up an issue and join the fun.

Then we have more Mini-Game fun with a new series, Arcanina, a great game of magical summoning, war and strategy. The first in a series of three, this will be a great little game, so check it out.

Then on to more Arcana with the 5th Journal and a showcase of Hex 7 and the Dutch of Chirum. More is on the way with the release of the Shorenborg Realm source book, yet more information on the world of Arcana.

New starship products this month as well with new Starship counters and clip art. Then we will see the release of Avalon’s newest series of publishing products with eight different Design Elements sets. Each set comes with background templates and design elements to make a wide variety of page layouts and products. Why work so hard when Avalon Games has done it for you.

More, more, more with the release of more Battle Axe. The Wizard, Priest, Seer and Lord will add to the forces of the Bright Realms and bring even more magic and power to your Battle Axe games.

Avalon Pathfinder celebrates April fools this month with a new Adventure, Encounter and Character for your Pathfinder game. All three take a tongue in check look at the month’s foolish behavior with Avalon Adventure offering a Magical Mystery Tour with Pop feel. Then it’s on to two artifacts of grand power and the nasty Orc Number 1.

It’s a great time in gaming, so join Avalon Games and join the party of fun.


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