May Preview

May is another great month for Avalon Games, and we have a lot of new games for you. Fist up we have the second installment of our great Mini-Game series, Arcanina Set #2. Add more map tiles and monsters to this great game and have a whale of a good time.

On from there we have three new products in our Arcana Game World. Journals number six and seven look at two different areas of the game world. The southern realm of Ashmar and the Great Northwood. Don’t just think about adventure, live it in Arcana. Then we have the next realm source book, with the northern realm of Mulithor being showcased this month.

Want more, well we are starting a whole new faction for our Battle Axe game, the Dwarfs are on the roll and they mean to cut down their foes with axes and hammers. Be sure that if you love Battle Axe, then you have to get these new characters for the game.

Game Geek issue five will showcase the dark elves that everyone love, as well as great fiction, Pathfinder stuff and map tiles. It’s a must have issue.

Speaking of Pathfinder, we have three new Avalon Pathfinder issues this month, with the Tower of Zoon, the Sword Bearers and the Boastful Bard. All thee are great little gems of gaming goodness.

More Clip Art this month with super heroes, new counters with elves and eight new design sets for those in need of great, inexpensive art.

Be sure to check out our Avalon 101 series on YouTube, and our video preview on our Blog. Also sign up for our Newsletter and get some free games.

As always, have a good time and play a good game.


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