Good little worker bee

Work … work … work … seems that’s all I do, well its not always work, sometimes it fun, well for that part, most of the time its fun. With that said I got some work done on next year’s series of Game Geek e-zines. Got the covers all done, and some of the articles. Most of this project I farm out now and continue to look for ways to take the load off.

Speaking of taking a load off, I’m real close now to giving up on Arcana. The number of sells just hasn’t been there. The workload that this product line requires is way too much for something that’s not selling. I think instead I might turn to Battle Axe more as it selling better now (8.5% of our overall sales last quarter, not much but still better then Arcane). I would hate to give up on Arcana; it’s been a close project to my heart for some time, but the numbers just don’t lie.


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