June Preview

Avalon has all sorts of new stuff for June, loads and loads of new stuff. First up we have the next installment of Arcanina, with more magic, more map tiles and more creatures. This game has been very popular, so give it a try and see what your fellow gamers are all buzzing about.

Then we have the next issue of Game Geek. In celebration of George Romero’s newest zombie movie, this month’s issue is full of zombies. There’s a new version of that fun little game, Graveyard Dash, which includes some never before published information. Zombie art, zombie masters and just plain old zombie love. It’s a great issue, so have a peek.

On from there we have more Avalon Pathfinder with the release of three new issues: Avalon Adventures this month catalogs a nasty bird monster, while Encounter conjures a magic ring, and Character introduces a funky halfling. All are great fun, and good additions for your Pathfinder library.

Of course you need some art in your life, so we have new clip art, new counter sets and new design sets, all useful stuff to have laying around when you need some fast, cheap visuals.


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