Working it, well sort of anyways

Well been at it all week, but got little if anything done. Spent a lot of the week gathering up a few more writers for our planned How to be Great line. Sort of a short how to series on gaming. It should b a nice addition to our product line and may even do well.

Did some painting on Leviathan figures, mostly as I plan to use photos of these figures in the game’s rules, so I had to get them painted. Not the best paint job even, but it will do the job.

Not much else, got a lot of files backed up as I have signed up for Carbonite. I have the reoccurring nightmare that I wake up one day and the computer is dead, all the game and our files lost. So I finally bought an online backup service.

That’s about it, should get some play testing done today and then we will see what I get some next week. Been sort of lazy this summer, not real motivated to do any work.


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