2nd Quarter Review

2nd Quarter Review

Well second quarter numbers are in, and we did rather well. Our gross was $2,000, which is about a 15% increase over last quarter’s final gross. So over all we have increased our market share by a small, but health margin.

The numbers do not lie either, we have made the transition from Board games into RPGs, and they now comprise the largest part of our sales this last quarter, in no small part to the inclusion of Ramsey’s work. (Instant GMs where a hit in June)

Older Bad Baby products are really showing their age, and while they have for the most part fulfilled the life time goals of 25 or more products sold (Most have done that and then some) they are slowing down now in overall sales to just a hand full in any given month.

Avalon Pathfinder still performs; it’s a small % of our overall gross, but its staying steady. A few big surprises this month. S&G dropped off some while Art picked up a lot. The design elemental sets are starting to sell, as are clip art sets.

Game Geek continues to sell, but as an ad tool it’s still a failure. We need to find some way to increase its monthly download for it to become the ad tool it was always meant to be.

Arcana is officially a dog. Its just hasn’t lived up to my hopes and dream, and I think after this year we should kill it off.

One thing, which we should start to think on, is if we are under selling our products. Cheep is fine, but are we being too cheep. Our average price brake is about $2.83. Should we start to think about a small rise in prices?

I think we are still going strong, we are officially the top print-to-play board game publisher out there, with our top number one rating on One Book hitting its fourth month. While I don’t have hard numbers, I also think we are the top third party publisher on e23. (I will have to ask them some time soon). On One Book we are consistent in being in the top 100 publishers and still in the 60th or so ranks (I though think their numbers are off, as we keep ranking 62nd, each and every month?)

Overall I think we are going strong, and we should continue to bring in good writers and creative folks; look to expand out product lines by buying up smaller publishers, and offering imprint opportunists. Clip art site, kindle and IPad are also good directions to move in. When we bring our Infinite Futures and Heroes Wear Make RPGs, as well as the How Too Books out, we should see a strong move into a large control of the market and a bigger presence.



  1. Lee Hughes said,

    July 26, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    AAGHH!! NO!! Just read this blog after only just having bought some Avalon products for the first time. I’ve just purchased some Arcana stuff and I think it’s great. Surely it’s not going to be dumped?? I think it’s an excellent setting with lots of potential and would be saddened to see it dropped. Maybe your products don’t have a high enough profile? Put some more freebies on RPGNow to attract interest perhaps?
    On another note, I need to contact someone at Avalon regarding some downloads I’ve made at RPGNow – the Comstar e-mail address isn’t taking my e-mails. Help, anyone?

  2. hemdog560 said,

    July 26, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    Ya Arcana was a labor of love, but if its not selling then the labor becomes a bit too much. We will still be putting stuff out for the rest of this year, and may from time to time out out stuff next year, but as a full product line that we support month after month, well it’s too much for the return we are getting.

    As for contacting us, you can always reach us at my email…


  3. Lee Hughes said,

    July 27, 2010 at 10:52 am

    Thanks for the reply. Hopefully word will catch on and Arcana will start selling better. How about Worlds of Wonder? Just bought the core book and one of the skill sets – haven’t had time to really go though it yet but it looks good. Will you continue to support it?
    Thanks for the e-mail address.

    • hemdog560 said,

      July 27, 2010 at 1:15 pm

      Worlds of Wonder is a very old system, so no, there are no plans to put out anything new right now. We had hoped to do a re-write of the system this year, but the writer fell through so we are looking to next year maybe.

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