Does it have to make money to be successful?

I had this little email exchange with one of our writers today…

He asked how the product he wrote was doing…

As for sales, nothing personal, it was a good product, one of the better ones in the Avalon Character series, but 6 copies so far. Of the three in the series, Adventures, Encounters and Characters, the character line is lagging, so much so that we will not put out a full line next year, just sort of finish up what we have. The other two lines have sold better, over 100 copies of the adventure series and 50+ of the encounters. Still low numbers over all , but as time goes by that will improve. Pathfinder is still sort of new, with a smaller market share right now compared to 4th ed. Still it is becoming more and more the game of choice as 4th Ed continues to drag down the D&D brand.

Still as I have said before, I stopped trying to figure the market out some time ago, and now we put out what we think will be either fun products, or something that is different, interesting to us or which we think might fill a void in the market. In the end if you had fun writing it up, and I had fun drawing it and laying it out, then if it makes money that’s fine, but I got out of it what I needed.

In the end the line has filled a hole in our catalog and offered us an opportunity to reach new customer and to make new fans, as well as gained the service of some good writers, so it has done what it needed to do.

So then I had to ask myself, am I full of crap or am I right and it doesn’t alway have to be about money……


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