Fans vs. Customers Part II

So William and I have talked some more about turning customers into Fans. Here are some more ideas we will try to move on in the coming month or two.

1. Special discounts through our Newsletter and by way of One Book’s customer list emails. This we sort of have been doing, but it could use some more push from us.

2. Quarterly or Semi-annually: Customer Appreciation Sales. We can do this one in Sept when we celebrate our 100th Mini-Game.

3. Special Cause sales. I can set this up this next week with our next newsletter. We can also do a Promo though One Book. We are going to start with a special Kiva Edition of Dark Dungeon and take the net profits from that and make some Kiva Loans.

4. Fan only products. Special edition. Again we are going to start this up next month with a special fan version of our How to Be a Great GM.

5. Fan created content month / event. We will make a post about this soon in our newsletter.

6. A forum. Maybe on RPG.Net or EnWorld.

7. often does interviews. Maybe we can work this out somehow.


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