Arcana Lives?

Well we may have jump the gun a bit on killing off Arcana. Seems in the last month or so sells have picked up. Not a huge amount, but more then we were seeing before. So we may keep going with the series, might not be as much coming out next year as we had planned, but i think we will keep the journals going, about one a month instead of the one every three weeks.

Realm books and regional books we will have to see, as they take some time to put together.

Still if sales continue to improve then we will keep it all going, so if you love Arcana, spread the word.

At the same time I think we will go ahead and get the whole product line proofread. We had held off on doing this as it was going to cost a fair bit of money and i wanted to see how it all sold first. As its made more then enough to pay for the proofreading now we will do it and make the products already out better, as they all need some proofing.


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