Infinite Futures from Avalon Games

Avalon Games premier Sci-Fi system, Infinite Futures is fully compatible with Pathfinder. Infinite Futures is a greet system for running any type of Science Fiction game, be it Hard Sci-Fi to Manga and more. Fully Compatible with Pazio’s Pathfinder RPG system, if you know and love Pathfinder then you will for sure fall in love with Infinite Futures.

The system comes complete with several classes, races, including several playable aliens, including Robots and Androids. Skills, feats and gear based the Sci-Fi genre allows you to blast off into adventures right away.
Future expansions will add more aliens, monstrous beasts, gear and goodies.

Get ready to have a laser blast of a good time; Infinite Futures is on its way.

You can get some sneak peeks here at its site….

Expected Release Date, January 2011.


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