Sept Preview

In 2004 Bad Baby Productions began to produce small, fast, fun Print-to-Play board games, which we called Mini-Games. Fast-forward to 2010 and Bad Baby has become Avalon Games, but we have stayed committed to bring out every month a new Mini-Game. Board games, card games, dice games and more, covering all sorts of genres, from Fantasy, Sci-Fi and super heroes, Avalon Games is happy to announce the release of its 100th Mini-Game this month.

To celebrate this small milestone, Avalon Games will be doing several promotions. First off we are going all the way back to the first Mini-Game and take a new look at it in this 100th edition. Yep, Graveyard Dash will have a face-lift with a new map board and great new rules. To make it even better, this 100th Min-Game will be free, yep, free for everyone to have some great zombie fun.

In addition to all this great gaming fun, Avalon Games will be holding a 25% off sale for the whole month of September to celebrate its 100th Min-Game, so here is your chance to get all 100, and at a great low price.

Ok then what else will be coming out in September? Well more Arcana, with the release of Journal #12. Ok, here is a secret, so don’t tell anyone. We were going to kill off Arcana at the end of this year due to poor sales, but guess what, you started buying it all up so we have decided, just because you want it, to keep Arcana around. Yep we are already working on new journals for next year and new realms source books. We might even get out the long awaited southlands source book. That’s right folks, you want it so we will work extra hard to see that you get all the gaming satiation you want and need.

Humm, well then with so much good news, how about some more. Yep the next how to book will be out in September, How to Make a Great Dungeon. All you will need to know in the crafting of great, deadly dungeons. Of course we have more Game Geek for you, with great new stuff, wild stories and wonderful art.

On from there we have more Avalon Pathfinder with a golem adventure, Fey circles and an emperor of grand design.

Speaking of design, more design elements sets are out this coming month, as well as new clip art and counter sets, so get you hands on some great art at a great price.

A whole butt load of dice games hit this month as well as more Mini-Games. We figure if we are putting out the 100th Mini-Game why not put out a bunch more and make it a real party.

Some more 4th ed stuff this month with the next Tome of Adventure, a garden of dread waits those foolish enough to enter.


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