Tentative 2011 releases for Avalon Games

Tentative 2011 releases for Avalon Games

The following products and product lines are coming out for sure in 2011, either having already been completed, or in the process, or scheduled to be worked on.

Journals #17 to #32
How Too Books (Several, one per month)
Mini-Games (Road Rage series, more S&G, plus others, one per month)
Avalon Pathfinder
Avalon Adventures, Vol 2, Issues #1 to #12
Avalon Encounters, Vol 2, Issues #1 to #12
Avalon Treasures, Vol 1, Issues #1 to #12
Avalon Magic, Vol 1 Issues #1 to #12
Game Geek, Issues #13 to #24
Infinite Futures Core Book
Avalon Clip Art (One a month)
Avalon Counters (One set a month, half of which may be starship counters)
Avalon Design Elements
Sets #10 to #12, for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Asian, Celtic, Parchment, Floral

Total of: 143

The following list is of products and product lines I have in mind, but have yet to work on or assign to a writers. (Or I have the work sort of done on them, but there are not ready yet for full publishing yet) These I would like to make sure we got out as best we can.

Infinite Futures
Alien Cookbook
Starship Cookbook
Planetary Cookbook
Alien Creatures Cookbook
Alien Source Books (One per alien, plus possible others we come up with)
Heroes Wear Masks Core Book
Wizards and Gunslingers Pathfinder Edition
Leviathan, Steam Power War
Leviathan, Brass Terror
Leviathan, Steel and Blood

Total of: 12

The following products and product lines are things I have been thinking about, but have yet to put into action other then to think about them some ore. I will need to finalize what I want them to be like and assign a writer / artist to it.

Infinite Futures
Infinite Adventures, Vol 1, Issues #1 to #12
Infinite Gear, Vol 1, Issues #1 to #12
Infinite Aliens, Vol, Issues #1 to #12
Robot Cookbook
Setting books
Mars, Disposia, Battle Armor Universe
Heroes Wear Masks
Avalon Heroes, Vol, Issues #1 to #12
Avalon Villains, Vol 1, Issues #1 to #12
Instant GM #3, Random Game Generator
Instant GM #4, Random Dungeon Generator
Avalon Design Elements
(Six of each Gothic, Nordic, Greek, Victorian, Modern, Steam Punk)
Southlands Source Book
Western Reaches Source Book
Ashmar Realm Book
Gimmlor Realm Book
Mithniera Realm Book
Piannith Realm Book
Shithmoora Realm Book

Total of: 109

Total possible products released in 2011: 264

This does not include anything else that falls into our laps, cold submissions, new directions and stuff we may buy.


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