Pathfinder Wizards and Gunslingers

Got this from our writer for the updated Wizards and Gunslingers Pathfinder release…

I’ve been working on the first two chapters for the Wizards & Gunslingers project and wanted to run the current working Table of Contents by you. You’ll notice I’ve added a few new chapters and combined some others. Also, I was wondering if a new project name would be warranted. I’ve done some market research on the current title. It seems the title, Wizards & Gunslingers, is confusing to many given it speaks of two entirely difference genres. My thought was to use the land mass in which the game takes place as the game name, Westure. Again, this is only a thought, but I wanted to run it by you. Let me know what you think of the TOC as it stands. It’s much easier to amend it now before I get much past chapter two. You will also notice the include of several new classes, which are intended to compliment, not reduplicate, those currently found in Pathfinder.

Regarding completion time, I hope to finish my work this year and have the entire manuscript to you for a 2011 release.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 Introduction
Game Setting
Chapter Overviews
Common Terms
Creating a Character

CHAPTER 2 Character Attributes & Modifiers
Strength (Str)
Dexterity (Dex)
Constitution (Con)
Intelligence (Int)
Wisdom (Wis)
Charisma (Cha)

CHAPTER 3 Ethnic Backgrounds

CHAPTER 4 Classes
Fencer (dual-handed fighter specializing in one & two-handed weapons)
Bandit (one-handed fighter specializing in stealth & thievery)
Warden (one-handed fighter specializing in range combat & tracking)
Gunfighter (demolition expert specializing in mechanical combat devices)
Magi (master of the use of arcane power)
Sage (master of alchemy, history, and knowledge of the world)
Minstrel (storyteller/entertainer with the ability to heal others)

Character Advancement (Experience, Skill Gains, & Enhancements)

CHAPTER 5 Crafting

CHAPTER 6 Character Skills

CHAPTER 7 Combat

CHAPTER 8 Spells

CHAPTER 9 Equipment (General Items, Weapons, Armor, etc.)

CHAPTER 10 Magical Items

CHAPTER 11 Creatures

CHAPTER 12 The World of WESTRUE (Overview, Maps, Points of Interest, NPCs, etc.)

CHAPTER 13 Game Master’s Guide

Appendix 1 Character Sheet
Appendix 2 Special Abilities
Appendix 3 Quick Reference Charts


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