November Preview

Hi everyone, this is Rob from Avalon Games with the November preview of our upcoming releases. As always we have a ton of good gaming stuff for you, so we are sure you will see something worth spending your hard earned money on.

First up this month is our new How To Book – How to be a Great Player. Yeah, I know. You’re already a good player. But it never hurts to get a few more tips and tricks to make you a great player. Ask any GM what is the best part about running a game? They will tell you, it’s that one player who makes the session, the one player who makes it fun for everyone involved. You could be that player with these helpful hints! So have a look and become great.

From there let’s move to our new issue of Game Geek, which is packed full of gaming goodies. This is a must buy for all you Avalon addicts. We have more Arcana, of course, with the release of Journals #14 and #15. Both add new adventures and new wonders to this fabulous game world. Don’t tell anyone, but in November we will also be releasing Darkstone, a source book for the dwarven realm. So you might want to let that beard grow out and sharpen your axe with anticipation.

What? You demand more? Well then we have it for you: the second set for our Future Wars Mini-Game series. There are more troops and new factions as well as new tiles on which to wage war. This is a great game, so have fun with it and expand your horizons.

For the visually oriented this month we have the release of Black and White Mythos clip art, new counter sets and, of course, our ever popular design sets.

And finally, the preview wouldn’t be complete without more Avalon Pathfinder. We have a new adventure, a new encounter and a great new character. So get your game on with Pathfinder, one of our favorite games.


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