Feb Preview

Well February is the month of love and we have a lot of gaming love for you.

First up is a new Mini-Game series, Road Rage. Ok, not a lot of love in the title, but it’s a great game of car battles and driving madness. You are sure to have a blast.

Next we have more Arcana, with a new Journal. We are moving into the Deep South for the next couple of journals, so get ready to wade through the Grass Sea and battle undead and barbarians like.

There’s more how-to stuff this month with How to Use Romance in your Game – another great addition to this popular series of gaming books. There’s also more Infinite Futures. The Aliens are here with the Infinite Aliens series – a great system for generating all sorts of aliens to play and use as NPCs. We also have the first setting book out this month with Heritage, a wonderful Hard Science setting by one of our favorite writers, David Caffee.

Avalon Pathfinder sees a lot of new stuff, with a new adventure, a new encounter, magic and treasure. Don’t sit around thinking for yourself, let Avalon do it for you…

Leviathans 2 comes out later this month with some more great tabletop action. Steam-powered war has never been more fun.

And of course we have new art a well, with clip art focusing on Dark Elves this month and lots of new Design sets to play with.

Well we have one more great surprise this month. We will be giving away free copies of Game Geek in February. If all goes well, and we get a lot of downloads, we’re thinking of making all future issues free. So tell you friends and get them to join the fun.

As always, join the round table of fun and play a great game from Avalon Games.



  1. Mike T. said,

    February 8, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    I just bought Leviathan from RPGNow. Is Leviathan 2 an update or a new version?
    Q: in the text on moving, turns are limited to 45°. The illustration uses a hexagon and shows 60° turns. I know I can do it either way I like, but which did you have in mind? An octagon with turns of 45° or a hexagon with turns of 60°?


  2. hemdog560 said,

    February 9, 2011 at 12:11 am

    Leviathans 2 is an expansion, for the most part it expands on the use of infantry. Leviathans 3 wiil ass mostrous beasts to the frey.

    As for the question…

    The standard rules for turns is to use the template (a hexagon), moving from one corner to the next. There are though two optional rules, one allowing turns of 45 degree / 90 for leg based machines or the other optional rule allows for free style movement any way you like and yo any degree.

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