March Preview

Hello everyone, this is Rob from Avalon Games. Yep it’s that time of month – the Avalon Preview of stuff coming out in March. We have all sorts of good games and fun things for you, so sit back and enjoy the show.

Up first is the next installment of the Road Rage Mini-Game series. This collection has been a hit – I guess we all have some road rage in us. The upcoming installment brings you more cars, more road cards and more fun.

Next on the ticket is a load of Infinite Futures stuff in the form of the first issue of Infinite Horizons. This is a free (yep, free) e-zine of sci-fi goodies. This little gem is packed with fiction, non-fiction, comics and lots of other sci-fi ideas for your IF campaign. Oh, and did I happen to mention it’s FREE!

Speaking of free, the response to the free copy of Game Geek last month was so positive we have to do another one this month. That’s right – this month has two great gaming freebies from us to you.

Did I mention a load of new Infinite Futures stuff and then get distracted by freebies? Well I’m back on track now. This month we have Infinite Aliens 2 which showcases ten new alien races suitable for players or NPCs. We also have Infinite Mysteries which includes guidelines for mixing some magic into your sci-fi. But wait! There’s more! While we’re expanding into sub-genres, how about Pandemic, the next setting book for IF? Think “The Road” meets “28 Days” and you’ll have a glimpse into this dark, gritty setting. Few survived the plague, and those who did are now hunted by the infected for food. Will you survive?

For Arcana, March will see the release of the 20th Journal. It’s been a blast bringing this great fantasy world to life, and we look forward to getting more of it out there for you in the coming years. (Yep, I said years – we’re committed to this one for the long haul.)

With the new How-To book this month, we will be starting a series on how to play certain character archetypes – a gentle guide toward getting the best out of your games. This month explores techniques for playing a great rogue. Future books will dig into the trusty fighter, the erudite mage, and the like.

And of course I should mention March will also have all sorts of Avalon Pathfinder, clip art and counters for you. So don’t be shy about getting your game on.

Ok, that’s it for now. As always, have a seat at the round table of fun with Avalon Games.


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