Two New Frostbrand Games

Our imprint, Frostbrand Studios has out out two new games…

Scale D Core Rules

Scale D is a miniatures skirmish system. This table top strategy system was built and developed to make skirmish play not only easy and fun, but just detail oriented enough to get some pretty intense strategy play from. Using this system, your turn based strategy games can be started and finished easily helping you get the most out of your gaming experience.


Twenty years ago every light in the world went dark, everything shut down and we were cast into anarchy…for one hour. In one hour the world tore itself apart as something we had spent the evolution of being trying to forget came back for us. Ignoring all warnings we refused to believe the black truth and in one hour everything that had taken thousands of years to forget undid our great social creations and grand inventions.

The survivors came to call it Nightfall, the day the world ended. Live now in the final five years of the reign of men and see if you can survive the coming dark. Weigh yourself against a world tearing itself apart and know why we were once afraid of the dark.


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