April Goodies

Avalon Games has new stuff on the way…

First up we have the next installment for the Road Rage game system – more cars and cards to add to the fun. Road Rage has been very popular, so if you have not checked it out yet, do so – it’ll blow you away.

Arcana is rolling along, and we have Journals #21 and #22 for you with more in-depth information on the world and the places that make it magical.

Infinite Futures has some great stuff coming out in April as well. There are more aliens with Infinite Aliens 3, and new rules for bringing magic into the game with Infinite Mysteries. Wait! How about a new setting as well? Yep, we have Department 13 coming out this month. What if the Nazi’s won the war, but did so using foul magic and evil rites? Nazi zombies you can blow up! What more fun can you ask for than that?

Our How-To book this month is on how to run a business in a game setting. Not all of your adventures need to be in deep, dark dungeons.

For Avalon Pathfinder we have four new issues this month – new adventures, encounters, magic and treasure to make your games more fun. We also have lots of Pathfinder stuff in the next issue of Game Geek, which is free from now on. Yep, all that gaming goodness and now it’s all yours for free.

Art is becoming a big part of Avalon’s catalog and we have lots of new art this month – Dark Elves 2, new starship counters, the first Clip Art collection and the first four Clip Art Characters.

Want more? Well how about a great new imprint through Avalon. Yep we are bringing you Fantasy Cutout. Leo makes some of the best paper models on the market and Avalon is happy to offer you those great models and at a great price.

Just to get your feet wet, here is a free paper model you can get started on. Did we mention that it’s FREE!. Just use the link below…


As always have a seat at the round table of fun with Avalon Games.


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