May Preview

It’s new stuff once again from Avalon Games.

This month we have a ton of great games and goodies for you, so get ready to be impressed and awestruck.

First, we have a new S&G game this month with the release of Magi. This is a modern world where mages battle for control and you get to play one of them. Throw magic around and try to defeat your hated foe.

A new Game Geek issue comes out of course, with all sorts of great gaming stuff. You fans have really made this a great little e-zine and we hope to continue to bring it to you as a free product. So tell your friends to get their copy and spread the word. You can get a free copy of it at any of the site we offer our games, or use the link below…

Our How-To series this month looks at the trusty fighter. More than just a bag of hit points and hurt, the fighter can be a really great class to play. This book looks at the different motivations and types of fighters you can play and really gives you some new insights into the class as a whole.

Do you like using big giant robots to blow stuff up? Well Infinite Mechas is here. Add some Robot love to your game and really get your groove on with this great addition to the Infinite Futures system. While you are at it add some more aliens to the mix with Infinite Aliens 4. Yep, we’ve got more bug-eyed races for you to play and shoot up.

And of course we have more Pathfinder for you with new Adventures, encounters, magic and treasure. This is a great series of game aids and plot seeds, so if you are lazy like me, it’s a good investment in your game.

For art this month we have helms, sci-fi icons, characters, and more. Bring some visual enhancements to your game with these cheap offerings of stock art.


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