Nova Blast playtesting session 1

Did some play testing for Nova Blast last weekend. We played two games, just a normal brawl so we could figure out the basic mechanics and see what needed to be fixed. Overall the system ran well. The assigning of orders and the resource management worked fine, as did the basics for rolling to hit.

We did have some issues dealing with close combat, mostly about entering and fleeing melee.

The big issue was support weapons. Missile launcher sucked, at one dice they never hit. So we figured out some fixes for that and dealt with some other minor issues dealing with going to ground.

Next week we will add in heavy weapon crews, psychers, condition cards and vehicles.

Once those are all set we can move into special abilities and game balance.

Overall the system worked fine, and was easy to play. I think once we add in all the other factors into the game it will become a nice tabletop system and fit well with IF.


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