Nova Blast Play Testing Session 2

We had a short session last weekend, played only one game. In that game though we brought in the marine buggy and started to use Condition Cards. The cards allow you to modify events during the turn, add modifiers and or minor special bonuses to a unit or event. This seemed to allow the players to plan and think a bit more about what they could do and to take some risks that they might not normally do as they could depend on the cards to give them that extra bump.

The buggy worked well although the critical charts might be a bit to rough and harsh. I have just a generic chart right now, but I may move to a chart for each vehicle.

Heavy weapons still are not working. The issue is they tend to have only one, or very few dice to make their to hit roll with. Thus they tend to miss more then they hit. I don’t want to increase the number of dice they get, so I think I will drop their base to hit numbers. I figure these sort of weapon system would have build in targeting systems anyway, so they should be able to hit better then a standard trooper’s weapon.

I did increase the range of most weapons. We found they where just too short and this pushed the game into close combat to soon and to often. The tactic we are seeing is you move up, reduced when you take damage your ranged attack dice first, and then close into close combat at full strength. Now this just may be me and the player test’s inner need to beat each other up, or it might be that this is how the marines would operate anyways. We will see if the trend continues with the Too-Nia.

Next week we bring in the Too-Nia and start working on their balance. So far they are looking quite fun.


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